Consulting firm

Our team has years of experience and knowledge, we offer personalized service and guarantee immediate responsiveness and quick returns tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

consulting service for acquisition

Step 1: search

Considering your budget, demand and taste, our experts will shop on the world market to find the ideal aircraft. 

Step 2: inspection and estimation

We will have it inspected by a recognized and approved mechanic, with its report, we evaluate its value. Then we negotiate the price for you. 

Step 3: importing

We will evaluate the options to bring the helicopter back, then calculate solutions to select the cheapest and most efficient.  

Step 4: transaction

We will make sure that the transaction is done easily and securely. 

Step 5: set up

We will make sure that the helicopter is ready to receive you and that it matches your tastes and requests. 

Step 6: transport up to you

We’ll bring your aircraft to you so you can enjoy it as soon as possible. 

Sales advisory service

We will also assist you in the sale of your device. You will enjoy our vast network of enthusiasts. We will also take care of the marketing representation and meet all the demands of potential buyers.

We will represent you throughout and take care of the whole process.