We offer you unbeatable speed, luxury, flexibility and personalized service. Close to 285 km/h, directly to your residence, golf course, Congress or hotel. 

We’ll bring you wherever you want. Whether it’s downtown Montreal, Toronto, New York, Quebec or even Ottawa, our experienced pilots will take you there in luxury and security, both day and night. The crew stays with you throughout your trip. We coordinate everything for you in every detail so you can travel without any hassle.

Some of our destinations

DorvalDowntown Montreal5 minutes
DorvalMont Tremblant25 minutes
MontrealOttawa ROCKLIFFE or Casino-hull35 minutes
MontrealQuebec45 minutes
MontrealBoston1h 40
MontrealToronto Downtown Island Airport2H 00
MontrealNew York-Wall Street airport2H 00

Travel according to your own criteria!

join a membership and decide what it includes. whether it’s the number of hours per year, the type of helicopter or the options, you choose according to your preferences.