Why choose Foxair?

If you want to save time, FOXAIR is your number one choice.

What for?

  1. Go directly to Destinations
    A helicopter can land almost anywhere, it is very efficient to use it to go directly at home, at work or at your customers places without resorting to a car transit.
  2. Avoiding Trafic
    Even when the destination is near, sometime it take a long time to get there… A helicopter transport allows to contemplate the landscape for a few minutes, instead of contemplating the road for hours.
  3. No control zone
    When your rent a private jets, you maybe have to wait a long time to have clearance from the control tower to take off. A helicopter takes off as soon as you are ready.
  4. Luxury and Comfort
    Your time is spared without sacrificing your comfort and safety. Our experienced pilots will lead you in luxury and security, both day and night. The crew stays with you throughout your trip.
  5. No need to organize the Logistic
    For derogation request, the car that will lead you up to us or the preparation of your arrival. We coordinate everything for you in every detail so you can travel without any hassle.